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Our Story

Sentien Robotics was founded with the mission of pushing the boundaries of UAS technologies. We aim to accelerate the capabilities of small-scale unmanned aerial systems by providing software tools and hardware automation necessary to scale applications and possibilities.

The systems Sentien provides will enable research teams and organizations to effortlessly deploy and operate fleets of UAS and quickly iterate on their multi-UAS applications.


We are at the forefront of an exciting new industry. There is a great opportunity for all of us to explore, learn, and grow as pioneers. We at Sentien Robotics have a commitment to our team.


Commitment to
our Team


Learning Environment

At Sentien Robotics we see a future with drones in the sky. We have an experienced team of roboticists, computer scientists, mechanical and computer engineers. Our talent covers the full spectrum of robotics engineering, we build our products from the ground up, from circuit board, to end effector, to props in the air. 

​We are looking for creative problem solvers from diverse backgrounds and points of view. We believe diversity fosters creativity and innovation. We value an environment that gives everyone the ability to grow and learn.


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