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The Next Generation of UAS Fleet Launch, Recovery & Recharge

Maximize Efficiency Through Autonomous Flight

The HIVE-XL addresses stowage and mission readiness limitations in current multi-UAS deployments. The Hive removes human operators from handling and manipulating UAS. This reduces operational errors and simplifies training allowing for quicker technology adoption. Sentien's UAS automation technologies are open and available for 3rd-party UAS and mission controllers.

Hive XL wire 3.png

Your Fleet,

Take your drone fleet wherever the mission takes you with the Hive XL/ISO. This fully capable launch, recovery, and recharge system houses 80 drones that can be deployed at a moment's notice anywhere you find yourself needing UAS fleet operations. 


From Charge Bay to Launch Pad

Launch your UAS fleets effortlessly with precision. The Hive handles the full launch, recovery, and recharge cycle of a UAS without any handling by human operators. Move the Hive to the mission-site and watch it launch and recover UAS 24/7.

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 4.47.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 4.47_edited.jpg

Parallel Launch and Recovery

With parallel landing zones, 80 charge bays, climate control, an 11 kilowatt power plant, and high-speed launch and recovery mechanics, the Hive-XL keeps autonomous drone fleets in the air 24/7. Our system can support over 30 simultaneous missions persistently as long as the demand signal exists. 


Hive ISO

The Hive-ISO has been designed for understatement. The standard 20 foot ISO container is ready for transport through existing logistics networks using all of the intermodal shipping and handling standards. This system gets you over 80 UAS and the mechanics to manage them directly where you need it most.

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