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Hive Expedition

Take Your Drone Operations Off-Grid

Your Platforms,
Our Logistics

The Hive has been designed from the ground up to be compatible with all UAS. Multiple UAS types can be used simultaneously within the Hive or entire fleets to be upgraded in the future. This versatility of UAS and payloads (such as visible light, IR, and synthetic aperture radar) enables the mission controller to deploy the right UAS for the task.

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Your Fleet,

Take drone logistics off-road with the Hive Expedition. This fully capable launch, recovery, and recharge system houses 12-18 drones that can be deployed at a moment's notice anywhere you find yourself needing on-demand situational awareness. 

From Charge Bay to Launch Pad

Launch your UAS fleets effortlessly with precision. The Hive handles the full launch, recovery, and recharge cycle of a UAS without any handling by human operators. Move the Hive to the mission-site and watch it launch and recover UAS 24/7.


Modular UAS Fleet

The Hive uses a rack mounting system that can be reconfigured at any time with the latest generation of UAS technology. Our system features an open SDK to support rapid integration of UAS, mission controllers, and new applications.

Deploy With Confidence

The Hive addresses the stowage and mission readiness limitations found in current multi-UAS deployments. Work with us to accelerate UAS technology adoption through the rapid iteration cycles, reduced training requirements, and improved performance and accuracy that the Hive affords.

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