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Our Products & Services


Hive Expedition

A fully automated expeditionary UAS management platform. It supports up to 18 of your UAS and provides automated launch, recharging capability, data download, precision landing, and storage. This Hive is off-road capable and contains its own power source for long-running missions.



A fully automated fleet transport and launch vehicle. The Hive-XL carries  a heterogenous set of over 80 UAS of various sizes and capabilities, deployable at a moment's notice. This system features dual launch/land surfaces to increase throughput by over 3x smaller designs. 


Counter-UAS Experimentation

Sentien provides counter-UAS experiments with highly repeatable test scenarios and full truth data. We provide formations, fleets, and full truth data outputs. Data capture through our software provides the metrics and reporting needed for counter UAS system evaluations.


Robust UAS Telemetry Solutions

We develop robust telemetry systems to support up to hundreds of geographically distributed UAV, UGV, or IoT assets. Our system incorporates multi-band redundancy to maximize availability by seamlessly switching to alternative channels and frequency bands when needed. We have also developed and demonstrated flexible network capabilities and architectures such as meshing, 4G/5G LTE, and secure VPN tunneling. 

SHEPARD Software Architecture

SHEPARD is a software architecture for mission planning, airspace deconfliction, and command and control (C2) for unmanned aircraft (UA). It is modular, plugin-based, integrated with TAK, and enables rapid integration of new UA, application modules, and user interfaces. Developed under the DARPA C3D program and matured over more than 6 years, SHEPARD has demonstrated support for numerous models of VTOL group 1 and 2 UA and fixed wing UA, as well as numerous mission types, such as persistent stare and patrol, payload delivery, convoy support, and multi-UA formation. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our mission is to push the boundaries of the UAS ecosystem and we have designed our Hive concept from the ground up with the purpose of integrating your UAS platform. Any commercial off-the-shelf or 3rd party UAS platform (bounded by maximum volume) can be accommodated to work in the Hive. We are excited to work with you on the UAS applications of tomorrow.


3rd-Party Hive Integration Support 

Sentien has vast experience integrating with numerous UAS platforms and applications into the Hive ecosystem. We are available to support your custom integration needs.

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