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Invitation to Fly from a Hive

We at Sentien are proud to present our Hive technology.  With the Hive it is now possible to remotely launch and operate a fleet of drones with a single button press from anywhere in the world. 

 Join us to try it out and learn about the upcoming paradigm shift in

drone fleet operations.

Log in and fly your own missions

Try out the unique capabilities that Sentien's Hive technology offers. You will be given the opportunity to control the Hive remotely, and see how easy it can be to fly multiple drones from anywhere.

Untether your Possibilities

Bring your own drone. The Hive was designed from the ground up to integrate 3rd party drone platforms. Any commercial off-the-shelf or 3rd party drone platform (bounded by maximum volume) can be accommodated to work in the Hive. There are currently 12 commercial drones integrated.

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