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Test Fly a Hive

Remotely command a fleet of drones, and learn how Sentien can expand your UAS operations.

Log in and fly your own missions

Join us for a presentation of the Hive, and the unique capabilities it has. Afterward, you will be given the opportunity to control the Hive remotely, and see how easy it can be to fly multiple drones from anywhere.

Remote Login to Webconfig

Sentien Robotics would like to welcome you to its first-ever set of live, fully remote, Hive demonstrations.  Be sure to return here during your scheduled demo date. You will find all the required links and information for the demo below. If some links are not working, check back closer to the demo date.

Rain Check

In the event of inclement weather, NOTAMS, or other scheduling conflicts, the demo will be pushed to (insert date here)

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.05.01 AM.png
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