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Drone Fleet Logistics

Unconstrain Yourself from Vehicle-Limited Operations

Maximize Efficiency Through Autonomous Flight

Our team is pushing the limits, continuing to test aerial robotics across multiple industries to create real-time, on demand solutions that save our customers time and money while increasing productivity and accuracy.

Sentien has developed the Hive to automate all facets of UAS operation. When human labor is decoupled from the UAS launch and recovery process, the active UAS fleet size can scale to much larger numbers. The Hive features robotics automation hardware and intelligence software to enable operations of fleets of UAS with the vision of reducing manpower, improving safety, and vastly improving performance over traditional UAS operations. The Hive enables new capabilities, not available to tethered or ground launched UAS systems.

Research & Conservation

Drones provide a cost effective platform for wildlife monitoring and for environmental data collection, significantly helping scientists and researchers without impacting the environment or encroaching on the subject’s natural habitat.

Construction Management

Construction job sites are ever changing. Our platform can show you how by providing immediate views of your construction site, allowing inspection, stockpile management, and resource monitoring like never before.


Miles of pipelines and solar farms, along with oil rigs can be monitored and inspected autonomously with the Sentien platform in a fraction of the time that it would take to be done manually with walkthroughs.


Real-time aerial monitoring of on-site blasts, stockpiles, and crack inspection done autonomously to significantly reduce risking the safety of your most valuable assets – employees


Hive Expedition

Take drone logistics off-road with the Hive Expedition. This fully capable launch, recovery, and recharge system houses 12-18 drones that can be deployed at a moment's notice anywhere you find yourself needing on-demand situational awareness. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our mission is to push the boundaries of the UAS ecosystem and we have designed our Hive concept from the ground up with the purpose of integrating your UAS platform. Any commercial off-the-shelf or 3rd party UAS platform (bounded by maximum volume) can be accommodated to work in the Hive. We are excited to work with you on the UAS applications of tomorrow.


The Hive-XL is the unsung hero of any drone operation. With parallel landing zones, 80 charge bays, climate control, an 11 kilowatt power plant, and high-speed launch and recovery mechanics, the Hive-XL keeps autonomous drone fleets in the air 24/7. Our system can support over 30 simultaneous missions persistently as long as the demand signal exists.  With a complete SDK, the Hive-XL can be customized to work for your next autonomous application. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 2.21.49 PM (1) (1).png


All of the capability of the Hive-XL with none of the flair. The Hive-ISO has been designed for understatement. The standard 20 foot ISO container is ready for transport through existing logistics networks using all of the intermodal shipping and handling standards. This system gets you over 80 UAS and the mechanics to manage them directly where you need it most.


Our Hive is the workhorse of our UAS fleets. This 20 UAS launch, recovery, and recharge system was built on-top of an aluminum overland system. It features an independent torsion axle and a multi-axis max coupler hitch. Our Hive trailer will perform in any environment on or off-road.

hive takeoff
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